10- Final Aesthetic Touches

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Remove NA Values from visualizations

You may have removed these values when addressing your filters, but if you haven’t… Take a look at your dashboard visualizations. Look for any “NA” values from the fillnull command. Edit the panel to include | search field!=NA before the transform command. 

Rename Fields in Overview Panel

This only applies to tabular views where a client can see the field name. Typically this is only the detailed view at the bottom of the dashboards. 

When looking at the field names in the panel, they can be inconsistent, so we want to tidy them up. 

Last search (bottom of dashboard) Before rename:

We’ll go into the XML or edit the panel manually and rename the fields to look more presentable. Use the format “| rename field as new_name”

Dark Mode

You’re done configuring your dashboard! The last step is to set the dashboard to “dark mode.” I use this to signify a dashboard is complete:

Edit > Dark Theme

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