I recently found an OSCP-like resource to hold me over in between exams. Hackthebox.eu is a free online hacking lab. It has 20+ active machines, as well as 20+ challenges related to various CTF skills. So far I’ve owned a hand full of boxes and completed 2/3 of the forensic challenges. I found some great walkthrough videos of retired machines on their site, I plan to review them before sitting my OSCP. Hoping to get some good ideas and learn new techniques.

I’m enticed to purchase at least 1 month of their VIP labs. I’ve ran into unreliable connections on newly introduced machines, something a paid account should prevent. I’d also get access to their retired machines so I could practice with a walkthrough if needed.

Until I nail down the OSCP, offsec will continue to be my focus. After I achieve my goal, I’ll devote more cycles to work related topics: SecOps, threat hunting with Splunk, and auditing AWS.

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