OSCP Round 4… One last time?

I just recently submitted my OSCP exam and lab report for grading. This was the first time I had enough points to pass during the exam, with my lab/exercise submission being an added bonus. Compared to my previous attempts these boxes felt more “real world” then CTF-like.  Take that with a grain of salt…

I scanned the entire exam network while I did manual enumeration. I started with the low hanging fruit, 10 point box and BOF (25 points). I had both boxes down within 2 hours. I never hit a dead end with the next 25 point box (surprisingly), and had another root shell after 4 hours. The fourth box (20 points) took an additional 2 hours, and I had enough points to pass (80) around 6 hours in 🙂

I felt somewhat relieved! I attempted to access the fifth box for an additional 6-7 hours, and went down many rabbit holes.  I was missing something, and could never turn it into a user shell.

With 80 points, and a lab report for an additional 5, I felt my time was best spent sleeping and writing the report. Now I’m playing the waiting game and hoping for the best!

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