Trying Harder…

OSCP didn’t go so well, but interestingly, I received two repeat machines. One I already owned, and another that completely stumped me. I made progress on two additional 20 point machines, but couldn’t get a user shell. I rooted 3/5 machines, not enough to pass 🙁

I already re-scheduled my exam, and believe I’m close to passing. Quiting has crossed my mind, but I’m keeping motivated with I’ve found the site similar to OSCP labs and rooted a few boxes this past week. I’m going to continue playing around with the site, reviewing my OSCP notes and preparing for my exam in February.

I have to start putting more focus on Splunk and AWS at work. I’d like to bury the OSCP and put offsec on hold for a few months. I’ll continue to add write-up’s/videos I’ve already completed, but I’m  going to shift my focus to Blue Team projects over the next 6 months.


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