MouseJack- Setup and Scan

MouseJack Attack- Setup and Scan for Vulnerable Mice

This video will walk you though setup, and scanning of vulnerable mice that may be used to compromise your computer.

All links and commands are in the description

Please check your work/home space for these vulnerable mice. Patch or replace them asap!

Resources: Virtualbox:…

2x Ubuntu 14 Server: 1 local, 1 AWS (AMI)

Crazy Radio PA Dongle:…

Bastille Research MouseJack Exploit:…

Mousejack Advisory:

Commands in Video:

sudo apt-get install sdcc binutils python python-pip git openssh-server

sudo pip install -U pip

sudo pip install -U -I pyusb

sudo pip install -U platformio


#Plug in CrazyRadio

#Machine – Settings – Add NRF24 Radio device

#Devices – USB – Click to enable Nordic Semiconductor NRF24 #device in Session

sudo git clone…

cd nrf-research-firmware sudo make

#Select usb device again

sudo make install

#Unplug and re-plug

#PA dongle is flashed- RFStorm Research

cd tools

sudo python -l